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November’s Brilliant Birthstones

November, like many months, has more than one birthstone option. Traditionally, Topaz is the rightful birthstone. A modern alternative is Citrine. Commonly, Topaz and Citrine, are known to be golden in color. But there is more to each stone’s story than what meets the eye. Topaz is the traditional birthstone of November. Topaz measures 8


Topaz: November’s Birthstone

The November birthstone is topaz, a lustrous gem that spans from fiery orange to icy blue, with many magnificent shades in between. It is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine with the chemical formula Al2SiO4(F, OH)2. The name topaz comes from Topazios, the old name for an island in the Red Sea. However, no topaz was ever produced on Topazios!