Gold Buying and Repurposing

At Jonathan’s Jewelers, we are happy to take your unworn jewelry and transform it into a new piece with the help of our talented designers, Jon & Tom. As well, if you have existing gold on hand that you are looking to sell, the price of gold has been around an all-time high for some time now! It is time to sell or trade in old designs for something new and fresh. Jonathan’s Jewelers is always paying top dollar for gold and diamonds.

If you are interested in modifying an existing gold piece rather than selling it to us, we follow a time-tested process to ensure you receive what you’re looking for when the project is complete.

When you bring in your pieces, we begin by discussing the changes you’d like to to see. We then use your existing materials to create a new piece to better fit your personality and jewelry trends. We also discuss budget and any new stones you’d like to see added. We will then prepare design options for you. We will discuss the details of the design and the proportions, and finally, we reset your stones into a new piece that you love.

We are known for our custom pieces and look forward to helping you create a new piece of jewelry. Visit the custom page to learn more! You can also contact us at 603-471-2828 for more details, or visit our contact page to ask any questions.