Your initial consultation for your jewelry appraisal is complimentary, where we can quickly determine fine jewelry from costume. We provide a written assessment of the value of a single piece to an entire collection. In the event of a loss, we can give insurance replacement estimates working directly with your insurance company.

Each Appraisal Includes:

  • Comprehensive written description for each piece, including metal types; any identifying marks; gemstones and their quality description; design elements; and gram weight;
  • Quality calculation using GIA guidelines and current market values;
  • Complete inspection, light polishing, tightening of stones, and cleaning;
  • Photographic documentation.


Appraisals pricing:

  • Leaving the Item in The Store – $100 per item or $125 per hour for multiple items. Usually it takes about 7 business days for appraisal to be done (large number of items may take longer time).
  • Expedited Same Day Service – $140 per item or $150 per hour for multiple items. Drop off in the morning and pick up jewelry with paperwork same day. There is 1 hour maximum of labor for this service.
  • Set Up Appointment and Wait – $140 for 1 item or $150 per hour for multiple items (one hour maximum). Wait while item is being appraised and leave with your jewelry. Paperwork to follow within 7 business days. There is also a possibility to wait with jewelry and leave with the paperwork – cost is $165  (single item only).


Additional Services:

  • Broker services with Auction Houses and antique dealers to assist you in the liquidation of your estate jewelry, silver and other collectibles;
  • Options for trading in and purchasing new jewelry items.


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