Why do diamond studs make the perfect gift or staple in one’s jewelry collection?  The common answer is the flexibility they offer to the wearer. Diamond studs can be worn everyday and for special occasions.  They are a classic accessory that never goes out of style. Another bonus of diamond studs (or any gemstone stud earrings) is that they can be embellished with earring jackets, which is an add-on accessory to give a different look.

How do the 4 C’s play a role when choosing diamond studs?


Selecting diamonds in the colorless to near colorless range or D-J, will give off a white look for which a diamond is known.  Selecting a mounting color of white or yellow gold will also contribute how a diamond’s color reflects back to the eye. Either metal choice looks lovely, but more commonly white gold is used to compliment the diamonds white color. Settings in yellow gold will allow for a two-tone look. Platinum is best.


When selecting diamonds for earrings, choosing a clarity of SI1, SI2 or even I1 will allow the buyer to stretch their budget in the next two categories. The buyer should know that the diamond clarity can be a lower grade because unlike a ring, an observer will not be close enough to the wearer’s ears to detect inclusions. VS clarity and above is also common for clients who enjoy the best quality.


Choosing a cut of diamond involves choosing the general shape, round, square, cushion, etc. Rounds are the most popular. Aside from shape, cut also plays a significant role in the sparkle or fire in a diamond.  To achieve the most sparkle, select a diamond with a brilliant cut facet arrangement. The brilliant cut is most commonly in rounds and squares, but also available in cushions, radiant, pear and heart-shaped diamonds. A diamond that will have the best fire and scintillation will have a cut grade with Excellent or Very Good, which can only be found in round shaped diamonds.


Ideally when shopping for diamond studs, a good starting point is around 0.50ct per ear, or 1.00carat total weight (ctw).  Most diamond stud purchases are for two stones. Just like any other diamond purchase, staying below a few points of the key sizes, 0.25ct, 0.50ct, 0.75ct and 1.00ct, etc., will allow your budget to go further. When taking carat weight into size, your budget will become a factor in the size you select. Keep in mind better color, clarity, and cut will give you the most sparkle a diamond has to offer.

Written by Jobin Kerry-Ann

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