An initial consultation for your jewelry appraisal, where we quickly determine fine jewelry from costume, is always complimentary. When requested, Jonathan’s can provide a written assessment of the value of any single piece to an entire collection. 

We Offer Two Types of Appraisals:

  • Traditional Appraisal - A formal written description of an item which provides the insurance companies with the current replacement value.
  • Fair Market Appraisal - A written description of items illustrating the value of a “used” or current market price for a previously owned piece. 


Each Appraisal Includes: 

  • Comprehensive written descriptions of each piece including gemstone quality.
  • Description of the mounting which includes metal quality, design elements, identifying marks, millimeter measurements and gram weight.
  • Quality calculation using GIA guidelines and current market values.
  • Complete cleaning, inspection, light polishing, and tightening of stones.
  • Photographic documentation.



Leaving the Item in the Store – The cost for appraisals is $125 for one item or $80 per piece for multiple items.  Standard appraisals are usually completed in 7 business days, but for a larger number of items, the process may take longer. 

Expedited Same-Day Service – If immediate appraisal values are needed, they can be completed for $140 per item or $190 for two items and $270 for three items.  This will require the item to be dropped off in our store by 11AM and picked up after 4PM that same day. There is a maximum 3 items (with up to one hour maximum) for this expedited service.  The final report and paperwork will follow within 7 business days.

Same-Day Appraisal Appointment While You Wait – Clients may also make an appointment in advance and have the appraisal completed while you wait.  This fee is $175 for one item, $225 for two items, and $295 for three items.  This allows our customers to wait while the item is being appraised and leave with their jewelry and paperwork the same day.  There is a maximum 3 items (with up to one hour maximum) for this expedited service.

 **Prices may vary depending on the intricacy of the items and research / testing needed.