When you have precious stones, precious metals, and jewels, it is essential to take good care of them. The proper jewelry care allows these items to be worn for decades and passed down through generations.


  • The best way is to visit your local jeweler three times a year for cleaning and inspection of your most prized possessions.
  • Pearls, for example, can be damaged by perfume, which is alcohol-based. Pearls are the last thing on first things off. Pearls can be washed with mild hand soap and warm water.
  • Mild hand soap and warm water will do well on most gold chain and gemstone pieces.
  • Jewelry should not be cleaned in a dishwasher, gems may be knocked out of settings, and some gems may be severely damaged.


  • Pearls should be inspected yearly for cleaning professionally and for knot strength, fraying.
  • Rings should be inspected at least  2 times a year for prong wear
    • A normal engagement ring prong life is 10 years
    • Prongs don’t last forever, so please bring your rings in to get them checked, it’s much less expensive to repair prongs then replace a gemstone.
  • Soft gems need special care…
    • Turquoise
    • Lapis
    • Emerald
    • Tanzanite
    • Peridot
    • Coral
    • Cameos
    • Apatite
Written by Jobin Kerry-Ann

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