At Jonathan’s Jewelers, we offer many options to fit your budget! When making a custom piece, we will work with you to make a design that you love but also fits your budget.

There are many ways to ensure we can stick within a lower budget:

  • Stone selection. By choosing a lower priced stone in your piece you can keep the look you like and keep the price down. The most common and plentiful lower price stone is amethyst and citrine, both belonging to the quartz family. Other beautiful common stones with lower price points are blue topaz, garnets, and peridots.
  • Stone variety. Gemstones have different family members of different values. For example, there are different prices points for stones in the garnet family. All of the types of garnets below have different colors and slightly different chemical combinations. These combinations gives the stones different colors which yield different price points.
    • Almandine $20-40 per carat;
    • Rhodolite is $40-60 per carat;
    • Pyrope is $50-60 per carat;
    • Tsavorite is $75-200 per carat;
    • And, finally, demantoid garnet $200-500 per carat or more.
  • Stone color. The darker the color without going into “over color” is best. Should an amethyst appear black at first sight, it is “over colored.” Ideally, the color should be rich in color or intense color. Pale amethyst or quartz is 10-20 per carat. Citrine in the fine color is called madeira citrine, and is a deep orange. A pale or washed out citrine is pale yellow and is $10-20 per carat and fine color citrines and amethysts can are around $50-70 per carat. As a rule of thumb, pale colors cost less than more vibrant colors.

With a little knowledge and creativity, you can get a beautiful handcrafted piece at a lower price point. At Jonathan’s Jewelers, we have a wide range of inventory in stock and can review these options with you as we custom-design the piece. Come see us to learn more!

Written by Jobin Kerry-Ann

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